Knicks are the ideal choice for Obi Toppin

After using the lottery choices on teenagers in three consecutive projects, the Knicks may want to change course and consider the national player of the college basketball year.

According to Bleacher Report, Toppin, 22, would offer an interesting mix of NBA readiness and stellar power, potential outcomes fueled by explosive athleticism and budding scoring skills in New York. It also has an improving sweater to make it ideal for today’s game.

And with Mitchell Robinson in the center, the Knicks could support Toppin, a suspected defender, with one of the promising protectors of the league circle.

For the Knicks, it’s worth thinking about whether they even have the proper roster / environment for another guard point or teenage wing to develop properly. Toppin is not a project that will take three years. It will give them a safe thing and hang on to produce, both immediately and in the long run.