Kevin Knox reacts to Knicks hiring Kenny Payne

The New York Knicks are looking to rebuild their franchise right now. The team hasn’t been post-season since 2013 and hasn’t even set a record of wins since that season. Things are bad for the franchise which is why New York has hired Tom Thibodeau to lead the charge now.

An eight-year NBA veteran, Thibodeau was chosen as a savior for the Knicks. With a career record of 352-246, there’s reason to believe he could get the job done in New York as well.

On Tuesday morning, the Knicks hired Kentucky assistant manager Kenny Payne to staff Thibodeau. And that was a move that thrilled former Kentucky star and current New York Knick Kevin Knox, as shown below.

“Wow, what a great birthday surprise,” Knox tweeted on Tuesday, her 21st birthday. “Congratulations Coach KP! Welcome to the Knicks family. “

Perhaps hiring Payne can push Knox to take his game to a new level.