Julius Randle fires Obi Toppin from the New York Knicks

Obi Toppin‘s future is uncertain. Toppin is eligible for an extension, but his low playing time this season means his future away from New York.

Ahead of Toppin always had Julius Randle. The growth of the All-Star has greatly influenced the performance of Toppin who, in only his second season at the Knicks, showed his improvements to kill the bench.

Toppin was also adept at making the most of Randle’s down times, making the most of whenever Thibodeau trusted him. This has led Knicks fans to frequently ask to give Toppin more room.

Thibodeau has never dismissed the idea of Toppin and Randle playing together, but this works against smaller teams. But in fact, right now Toppin is Randle’s replacement and his potential is not visible.

Because of this, the Knicks could extend Toppin for $17.5 million a year, but he could also trade him for a veteran. Many Knicks fans wouldn’t agree with the latter option, but only in this way will Toppin be able to show his full potential.