Jalen Brunson’s free throw stat fuels Tom Thibodeau’s frustration in Spurs loss

The New York Knicks found themselves in a battle they probably didn’t expect to face Friday night against the lowly San Antonio Spurs. And although Jalen Brunson scored a career-high 61 points, it wasn’t enough to lift the Knicks to victory, as the Spurs posted a stunning 130-126 overtime upset to stun New York.

Brunson was on fire all night in this game, yet his coach Tom Thibodeau thinks he could have had an even bigger night if it weren’t for the officials. After the game, Thibodeau complained about Brunson’s lack of free throws, and took a rather open shot at the officials that could have earned him a fine from the league.

Via Stefan Bondy:

“Thibodeau is really frustrated with the officiating again, especially with Brunson not calling. «A foul is a foul. I don’t know what else to say.’”

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