Tyrese Haliburton: I’m ready to handle the pressure of playing in Knicks

Tyrese Haliburton, an Iowa state guard, says he won’t be discouraged if he ends up with the Knicks, like some plans.

“Being in New York, they always talk about the pressure of being a Knick,” Haliburton said Tuesday on ESPN’s “The Jump”. “I feel that no matter where I go, the pressure I put on myself is more than I will get from anywhere. Regardless of where I am, that pressure is prominent and will be more on my part. I am ready to play anywhere. ”

Considered one of the first two guards of the project, the twenty year old Haliburton is not the typical university perspective. He finished his second year in the state of Iowa and mostly flew under the radar until recently.

Haliburton only came out of high school as a three-star recruit, he believes, because he didn’t join the NIKE, Adidas, Under Armor youth circuit that showcases young players. Haliburton played for his high school in Oshkosh, Wisc., And for local youth programs, but is now considered a potential top 10 choice.