Trevor Ariza can adapt very well to the Knicks team

Among the many incomprehensible operations of the Knicks of the last 15 years, what continues to stand out is the 20-year-old trade of Trevor Ariza at the Orlando Magic for Steve Francis. It was a blasphemy that Larry Brown persuaded Isiah Thomas to acquire Francis, a move that ultimately marked the fate of Brown’s mandate as a coach.

Now 35, Ariza has evolved his game over the 16 years he has been in the NBA. Like Knick, Ariza thrilled Madison Square Garden with his swiftness and athleticism, along with his defensive potential. After his assignment as Knick, Ariza developed a reliable three-point shooting skill and ball management skills to complete his general offensive repertoire.

Ariza has a $ 12.8 million guaranteed contract for only $ 1.8 million in the 2020-21 season. He recently gave up on the resumption of the NBA season. However, the Portland Trailblazers have minimal roof space that heads to the free agency due to extensions designed by Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum. The Blazers could consider Hassan Whiteside’s new signature, further complicating Ariza’s future with the team.

With the need to free up space on the hat, Blazers would have no choice but to cut Ariza. While another Blazer is likely to sign, it would be fun for the Knicks to finally bring Ariza back and give him the right justice. His mandate in New York has been shortened. Ariza’s 3-and-D game can adapt very well to the team and can also be an excellent mentor for guys like Kevin Knox, who need that extra boost in defense.