Knicks Rumors: Austin Rivers could be a valuable addition to the New York locker room

Austin Rivers takes on the weight of many jokes in the NBA. He was often a clown for being the son of Doc Rivers after receiving huge contracts while playing under his father. There was some discussion on the record of former teammates he didn’t like while he was on the Los Angeles Clippers. To make matters worse, Rivers was a lottery pick that simply didn’t turn out to be an above average player or star in the league.

Rivers, on the other hand, seems at peace with his current role. He accepted the role of backup player. It is the epitome of media backup combo protection. Rivers can create for themselves a little off the dribble. He is also an adequate three-point shooter and not the worst defender. Playing at the Western Conference gave Rivers enough experience to protect the league’s fastest and deadliest guards.

Rivers has a player option for the 2020-21 season. The option is worth $ 2.3 million, an option that I would naturally believe Rivers would decline for a larger contract. The Houston Rockets are well above the maximum salary limit and approaching the luxury tax threshold, so there is hardly any room for maneuver to add salaries. The Rockets may not be able to afford it, but the team also needs his presence as a reserve guard.

If Rivers decides to leave Houston, he will most likely want a team with championship aspirations. However, it is worth asking Rivers if he would be willing to accept a contract to become a veteran player. Sure, there are a lot of guards on the Knicks roster, but Rivers has the winning pedigree during his tenure with Clippers and Rockets. It could be a valuable addition to the New York locker room in helping young players learn what it takes to become a winner.