The possible goals of the Knicks in free agency

The Knicks head into the 2020 offseason with roof space and 8th, 27th and 38th picks in the next draft. It’s a perfect opportunity to reorganize and start laying the groundwork for the future.

This will also be the first opportunity for new president Leon Rose to make his mark on the franchise. It’s hard not to get excited about running the Knicks with all the different basketball minds Rose brought to the front office and coaching staff.

Between the project and potential free agents, the 2020 offseason does not seem to be significant. It won’t change the league landscape like some recent offseason’s have done.

It’s important to note this because it directly affects how a bottom-of-the-table team, such as the Knicks, should approach rebuilding their roster.

The Knicks shouldn’t feel pressured to force a quick turnaround for next season. Yes, the team was hard to watch last year. This is also the first year ever for both Leon Rose and Tom Thibodeau.

There are, no doubt, some free agents this summer who would have a positive impact on the Knicks. Players like Fred VanVleet, Christian Wood and Davis Bertans are all players who appear to have made their step into 2020 and have been linked to the Knicks. Bertans is the eldest of that group at just 27 years old.

There are other potentially cheaper options as well. The Knicks may be looking to catch a veteran guard like Goran Dragic or DJ Augustin on a 1-2 year contract.

You could write many different stories about who the Knicks should and shouldn’t sign, but in the end it’s obvious that this team isn’t going to become a contender overnight.

If the Knicks eventually acquire one or two of these free agents, they could become long-term complementary pieces and provide new life to the team.