Devin Vassell is the most suited player for the Knicks

The 2020 NBA Draft class is similar to the 2020 free agency class in that there are a lot of good players, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of star power, especially for the Knicks picking eighth.

There seems to be a growing desire among some Knicks fans to draw a “high floor” perspective. Someone who may not have superstar potential, but can potentially fill a vital role for a rebuild team.

Despite all the analysis coming from the experts, the draft will always be divisive and definitely a crapshoot. If the Knicks somehow get a franchise player with their eighth pick this season, great. What they shouldn’t do with this draft is take someone with the expectation that they will become a key player.

Without going too deep into prospect analysis, this draft has many prospects that can thrive in today’s NBA as role players. Adding someone who can simply be a positive player for the struggling franchise is entirely acceptable.

The name that fits the bill and is rumored to have fans at MSG is striker Devin Vassell. Vassell may not be the franchise point guard the Knicks so desperately need, but he can be an important piece for the team going forward.

The Florida State Guard would immediately hit the Knicks with two things they lacked last season: defense and shooting. Two areas in which New York will have to improve if it is to take a step forward. Vassell isn’t the only option for the Knicks at 8, but hopefully the selected player can help address some of their shortcomings from previous seasons.

The Knicks don’t need to be a playoff team in 2020-2021 for the season to be a success. The season is successful if they accomplish two things: develop the players and establish an identity.

Bringing new faces into 2020 cannot distract them from the growth of key young players RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson. It should make them stronger and hopefully start establishing a cohesive team structure.