The Last Dance: episodes 5 and 6 not good for Knicks fans

The next two episodes of The Last Dance aren’t going to be the best for Knicks fans to watch. According with the New York Post, the next episodes will closely concern the Knicks, specifically the Eastern Conference final on June 2, 1993 at Madison Square Garden.

That game ended under the Knicks’ basket with the ball in Smith’s hands, by chance, because first John Starks and then Patrick Ewing tried, too early on the stopwatch, to force the shots before passing – Starks to Ewing, then Ewing to blacksmith. The Knicks dropped 95-94 with just under 10 seconds left.

Smith, 6 feet 10, 230 pounds, is alone under the basket for a split second while Garden, in full frothy frenzy, waits to see him hit the ball for a Knicks advantage. Except that, in the space of five heartbreaking and disturbing seconds, five things happen:

Horace Grant blocks his first hit. Smith gets the rebound.

Michael Jordan undresses him on his second attempt. Smith takes it back.

Scottie Pippen blocks her third attempt. Smith takes it back.

Pippen blocks Smith’s fourth hit.

Grant takes the ball. Find Jordan. Jordan finds BJ Armstrong for the layup of the icing on the buzzer cake that makes the 97-94 final.