The Knicks may finally be landing their two-way star wing

Paul George is one of the best wing players in the NBA, and has been that way for over a decade. George has long been known as a strong perimeter defender with great instincts, and it has allowed him to remain a strong defender despite a myriad of injuries and advanced age, with the most notable being his season-ending knee injury with the Team USA. He’s been responsive to it all, and it shows in his work ethic and excellence on the court, as the future Hall of Famer was named to his eighth career All-Star team last winter.

George is the exact fit the Knicks are looking for, as unlike Harden, who would benefit a team without offense from the point guard position, he is able to help the Knicks at both ends of the court. While this compliments Jalen Brunson’s style of play beautifully, it could also have a serious impact on one of the Knicks’ budding young players in Quentin Grimes.