The Knicks get some extra motivation to beat the 76ers from Paul Reed

The New York Knicks are set for a first-round playoff series against the Philadelphia 76ers after the Sixers earned a 106-105 victory over the Miami Heat in the Play-In Tournament to earn the seven seed in the Eastern Conference. And according to Paul Reed, that’s exactly what Philly hoped would happen, and he ended up giving his team’s future opponent some great material on the board before their matchup.

Depending on how the play-in tournament would unfold, the 76ers would have a first-round matchup against the Knicks or the East’s number one seed, the Boston Celtics. Considering how dominant Boston has been this season, it’s clear that both Philadelphia and Miami wanted to avoid facing them in the first round, and Reed admitted he’s thrilled his team earned what he perceives as the “easier” matchup the two chances they had on their plate in the tournament.