The Knicks could enter the Giannis Antetokounmpo conversation

The New York Knicks are taking their time in their search for a superstar talent like Joel Embiid, Donovan Mitchell, or Giannis Antetokounmpo. For the Knicks, it’s just a matter of waiting for one of these players to become disgruntled enough with their current teams to look for a way out. Joel Embiid currently seems like the most likely candidate for such a move, given the Philadelphia 76ers’ continued struggles and lack of championship-caliber decisions.

Giannis’ goal is to win championships, and if the Milwaukee Bucks can’t align with that vision, he may simply look for greener pastures, even if he doesn’t hit free agency until 2025.

During a recent appearance on the Bleav Network’s ’48 Minutes’ podcast, Antetokounmpo said:

“As long as we play and I approach the game every single day the right way, and we all sacrifice for a common goal, I could see myself with the Milwaukee Bucks for the rest of my career,” Antetokounmpo said on the Bleav Network’s ’48 Minutes Podcast . “But the minute I feel like people aren’t as committed as I am to carrying that golden thing (the trophy) behind, I’m not. It’s more than money, it’s more than lobsters, it’s more than charter flights. For me it’s all this [the championship]. And I want it. If the Milwaukee Bucks are on the same page for the rest of my career, great. Otherwise I have to win. I think the people of the city understand that.”

Milwaukee will do anything to keep its superstar happy, but a string of playoff disappointments could give the Knicks the window they need. Giannis’ impact in New York would be twofold: He would likely achieve megastar status in the vast Big Apple market, and he could finally bring home an NBA championship to a city that has wanted one for decades.