Taj Gibson on Thibodeau: I can’t talk to him

Taj Gibson and Mayor Bill de Blasio shared a stage in Bedford-Stuyvesant on Saturday, wearing masks, preaching a Black Lives Matter theme and stopping armed violence. Perhaps soon, Fort Greene native Gibson will share a podium with another leader, Tom Thibodeau, his former coach in Minnesota and Chicago.

Gibson, who hasn’t spoken to the media since the pandemic ended the season, said he couldn’t speak to Thibodeau because he wasn’t offered the job.

In the past, Gibson has reflected on Thibodeau, defending his Minnesota period with passionate words.

“I don’t really want to talk about the coaching situation, but I’m sure they will make the right decision,” Gibson told The Post. “I’m just focused on what my foundation is doing.”

Gibson’s founding organized the Saturday event where hundreds of Brooklynites marched for 30 minutes along Fulton Street, and caught Blasio’s attention.