Tom Thibodeau is waiting for Leon Rose

Tom Thibodeau is waiting for President Knicks’ decision, Leon Rose.

Thibodeau, considered the main candidate, is wasting time studying the game film Knicks while awaiting a possible job offer, according to an NBA source.

It is characteristic of Thibodeau, known for having his teams well prepared like any other coach.

It is known that one of the things that most intrigues Thibodeau about the training of the Knicks roster is transforming the young center of blocking the blows Mitchell Robinson into an even better defensive player.

A decision will likely come next week as the interviews have been completed, but owner James Dolan has yet to be consulted and signed. Six weeks have passed – and countless hours of interviews – since the Knicks began the search.

Thibodeau’s second interview lasted three hours like many others.