Taj Gibson is helping Brooklyn to fight coronavirus

Knicks Center and Brooklyn native Taj Gibson had lunch at NYCHA workers on Thursday at the Ingersoll Houses, where he was raised.

“Thanks. Your support, your hard work every day goes unnoticed. But we see it,” Gibson said at the event in Fort Greene, for WABC. “We really appreciate you.”

NYCHA workers were essential in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic to assist residents in the city’s housing projects.

“It’s a blessing because you don’t have to do it,” NYCHA employee Rhashon Davis told WABC. “So for him to go back to where he was born and raised and come down and actually take his time to give back to NYCHA employees that is ours here day after day, we appreciate it”.

Gibson regularly hosted events and guided programs to return to the Brooklyn community where he was raised. He is also one of many Knicks and Nets to provide donations to the local community amid the coronavirus pandemic.