The New York Knicks are aiming for RJ Hampton to support RJ Barrett

RJ and RJ: this would be the New York Knicks project. According to Marc Berman of the New York Post, the new head of the New York Knicks leadership Leon Rose would be interested in selecting RJ Hampton if the blue-orange had to choose between the sixth and tenth position at the next draft, currently scheduled for next June 25 (but the postponement is almost certain).

Rose had strongly chased Hampton as a client while working for the CAA and would be considering him to join him in RJ Barrett, the third absolute choice of the last Draft and almost the only hope for the future of the Knicks. Hampton is a profile similar to Barrett in terms of athleticism, preference in attacking the iron and limits in suspension shooting, but in Rose’s idea it would be developed by point guard with the ball in his hands to take advantage of its playmaking qualities.

Much will obviously also depend on what type of coach will be chosen, with the name of Tom Thibodeau who is always among the most popular for the blue-orange bench. Even more will depend on the Draft Lottery, which could give the Knicks a top-5 choice, leading them to choose a more talented player, as Hampton’s quotations (screened in the top-3 at the beginning of last season) are rapidly collapsed, thanks to an unconvincing year of 8.8 points per game in New Zealand.

In any case, the RJ&RJ couple would have potential to indulge the New York media, which for years have been waiting for a reason to return to speak well of the Knicks.