Stephen A. Smith reacts to Kevin Durant and the missed Knicks reunion

In 2019, Kevin Durant became the hottest name in the NBA, and it wasn’t even close.

He and Kyrie Irving were expected to team up for an Eastern Conference team as free agents.

As is usually the case with the team, the New York Knicks were the so-called favorites to sign both of them, but the Stars ended up choosing their cross-town rivals, the Brooklyn Nets, instead.

The rest, as you know, is history, and the Nets are still paying the heavy price for that move.

However, recently, Durant admitted that his agent was actually pushing him to sign with the Knicks.

He gave up on that move because the team “wasn’t strong” then.

With this in mind, bona fide Knicks fan Stephen A. Smith claimed that Durant would be the king of New York.

“There’s only one Kevin Durant. Lord, have mercy! What could have been,” Smith said.