Patrick Ewing coach of the Knicks with Steve Mills

Whenever a vacancy opens as a coach in New York, Patrick Ewing finds his name associated with the job. After all, he has been the face of the franchise for nearly 40 years; his basketball pedigree is undisputed; and has proven to be an NBA assistant coach and the current coach of Georgetown’s men’s basketball program.

While Ewing’s name has not been officially associated with the current coaching search, a mailing envelope article from Marc Berman’s weekend in the New York Post revealed that the recently fired Knicks president Steve Mills contacted Ewing on the training before hiring David Fizdale in 2018 Berman indicates that Ewing was not ready to leave Georgetown after just one season of work.

If Mills had remained president, Ewing might have been the main target. But I think Knicks fans are happy to let others decide who makes the most sense as the team’s next manager.