NBA 2 billion spent in 24 hours

Two billion dollars were spent on the first day of negotiations alone. Even one in an hour, because the contracts were already ready. The NBA market got off to a flying start, after all, some rules will change next year and it’s good to run. All are in compliance with the strict rules that impose economic balance. We saw a real revolution between the teams: Phoenix, which had already moved with a trade that had brought All-Star Bradley Beal to Arizona, yesterday changed almost the entire bench, signing 3 players. The Lakers took 4 and three others confirmed. And it has just begun, while the phenomenon is being written Damien Lillard has asked for a transfer to the Portland Trail Blazers, also indicating his favorite destination, Miami. But Philadelphia is also pressing. And another jewel who has to decide where to go, because his contract has expired and therefore he can choose, is James Harden, followed by the Clippers.