Mark Jackson will get an interview with the Knicks and the Nets

Jackson says he wants to get back into coaching

Mark Jackson says he wants to return to coaching, but some executives wonder if he has ever taken the right steps to make himself more marketable. Last June, ex-warrior Andre Iguodala said that Jackson is being massacred because of his strong religious beliefs.

It is true that the Warriors were concerned about his religious principles which influenced work. But there was more. Before becoming a coach in Golden State, he had never worked for an organization, including as an assistant coach. This failed because he failed to put together a solid staff of assistants with whom he got along. Jackson also did not consider it a priority to have a strong link with ownership / management.

Since being hit in 2014, Jackson has returned to the transmission booth without trying to learn more as an assistant. It still seems strange that he has had so few interviews because you can say that he is a strong leader and motivator who still connects with today’s player. He turned the woebegone Warriors into a winner, making a 121-109 record. He should certainly have an interview with the Knicks if they don’t sign Mike Miller again – and the Nets too.