Knicks and Giannis Antetokounmpo: the relationship could be ruined

The potential cancellation of the season will hurt more Milwaukee, who had a 53-12 championship drive that many experts believe had the impetus to win the championship. Antetokounmpo seems to want to stay in Milwaukee when he becomes a free agent of 2021, but only if the Bucks vie for the title contender. Sources indicate that the pandemic has changed things so drastically that it is difficult to pinpoint Antetokounmpo’s future plans.

Who knows what could happen with next season’s rosters – potentially Antetokounmpo’s last season in Brew City.

The Knicks‘ bait is the biggest stage, but they probably won’t be winners in 2020-21. And we know that Antetokounmpo was disappointed in the franchise when he didn’t give his brother, Thanasis, a 2013 second-round pick, a chance. Thanasis, who has only played two games with the Knicks, is now with the Bucks.

Before the Knicks faced Milwaukee in London in 2015, Giannis said to The Post: “I thought he would be called before the game. I am a little disappointed that he will not play against me tomorrow”.

Then came a strange observation in a documentary last season from one of Giannis’ agents, Giorgos Panou, who stated that the Knicks were the lone team not to send a scout to Greece to watch Giannis play. The Knicks denied the accusation.

Alex Antetokounmpo, the younger brother, decided to skip college to play in Europe. The Knicks may have another chance to be comfortable with Giannis in the 2021 draft.