LeBron James gives advice to Knicks’ Kevin Knox on how to thrive in the NBA

LeBron James gave his advice to New York Knicks forward Kevin Knox on how to thrive in the NBA.

Knox mentioned the four-time MVP as one of his idols growing up and talked about his relationship with the Los Angeles Lakers superstar and the advice he gave Knox when he entered the league.

“[LeBron] gave me a couple of tips here and there. It was just a great talk. Anytime you get to talk to a player like LeBron, you just sit there and listen, you don’t really say much, just soak it all in. You really just listen to the advice that he’s giving you.

I think one of the biggest things that he said was, ‘Just stay locked in throughout the whole season.’ There’s going to be ups and downs, social media is going to try to bring you down, there’s going to be times when they hype you up, but he was just telling me to stay levelheaded because there’s times he doesn’t have great games.

He’s not really worried about what people are saying, he’s just getting back into the lab, getting back into the gym, putting more work in,” Knox told fans on Twitter.