Larry Brown reveals: “That’s why I was fired”

Larry Brown, a former New York Knicks manager, believes that James Dolan is a good owner and has accepted many blame for his inability to produce a winning basketball team in New York, but believes he was fired from the Knicks because of his open relationship with the media.

“The reason I was fired: they had a media type of protocol,” Brown said on Whe’re podcast. “When someone asked me a question, I tell them the truth. They asked the question. I’m not smart enough to think about how this will affect someone […] In Mr. Dolan’s eyes, I haven’t handled the media side very well, and this really disappointed him a lot. “

The 2001 NBA coach of the year was very kind to Dolan as the owner, despite their bitter divorce in 2006.

“In terms of giving me every chance to succeed, he would have been there in a minute,” said Brown. “And if I had been able to really sit down and explain to Isiah [Thomas] exactly what I was talking about, I think it would have been better.”