Here is Ewing’s reply to Oakley’s criticisms

After being called by former teammate Charles Oakley for his failure to lead New York beyond Chicago in the playoffs, Patrick Ewing decided to take the high road.

“I have nothing to say about what Charles has to say,” Ewing said when asked about Oakley’s criticisms of Thursday’s Good Show. “He is one of my best teammates. We have entered many wars and many wars against the Bulls. So everyone has the right to their own opinion. I love Charles Oakley. I still consider him a friend, but everyone has the right to think or say what they want. “

Oakley recently blamed Ewing for New York’s inability to beat the Bulls, particularly in 1993. The harsh forward power believes Ewing could have done more to switch between double teams, instead of settling for contested fashions. In a particularly keen comment, Oakley compared Ewing to an imitation version of Beyoncé.