Knicks, Lonzo Ball remains a concrete idea in the offseason

As of this year’s trade deadline, there may not have been a more prominent rumor than the possibility that the New Orleans Pelicans are watching Lonzo Ball potentially be traded to the Knicks.

Although Leon Rose hasn’t finished making the move before the deadline expires, he hasn’t ruled out the possibility of making the move in this upcoming offseason.

This season, Ball, just 23, has averaged 14.2 points per game to finish with 5.6 assists on 41.9% from the field along with an astonishing 37.6% from three. He controls all the squares a coach could want, as he can throw the ball, facilitate, while he also plays block defense, all at a very high level.

Ball is also a player who has been in the spotlight pretty much his entire life, even before he made it to the NBA, which set him up to thrive in a big market like New York.

All in all, Lonzo Ball and the Knicks are a match made in heaven and he can be the Knicks anchor in the playmaker position for years to come.