Knicks’ Julius Randle’s Rehab Process Has Stalled

It was quite impressive how much of the 2023-24 NBA regular season the New York Knicks were able to navigate without several key players in the rotation. Their entire starting frontcourt was sidelined for more than a quarter of the season, but New York didn’t let that stop them from looking like contenders in the Eastern Conference.

Updates are provided almost daily as fans patiently wait for the Knicks stars to return to the lineup. One of the players who has been sidelined is NBA All-Star forward Julius Randle.

Randle injured his shoulder on January 27 against the Miami Heat and we haven’t seen him on the court since. He separated his shoulder when Jaime Jaquez Jr. attempted to charge and Randle fell on top of him.

Before the matches, we can see Randle working hard, trying to get back into shape and step up his game. However, his return seems to have stalled a bit. As shared by Stefan Bondy of the New York Post, Randle is “doing more and feeling better,” but he has yet to be cleared for the next step, which is full contact.

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