Knicks Jalen Brunson deflected Julius Randle’s compliments on him

Jalen Brunson deflected Julius Randle‘s compliments on him propelling the polarizing New York Knicks to his second All-Star season.

“The only thing I know is that Julius gets the job done,” Brunson told SNY’s Ian Begley after Team USA’s melee in Las Vegas on Friday. “It’s a compliment from him, but he has the mentality. I may have helped a little, but that’s really about it for him. He is a worker, he comes every day and does what he has to do during training. He makes sure to get all of his work out of him”

Brunson’s comments came after Randle largely credited Brunson’s leadership for his remarkable turnaround last season following a year of disappointment marred by clashes with game officials and fans.

“One of the biggest people that honestly pushed me was Jalen, my teammate, because I saw how he worked,” Randle said on Wednesday on an episode of The Shop: Uninterrupted in Brooklyn. “And I am a worker. And I saw how diligent he was, his attention level. So JB really pushed me”.