Knicks, it makes little sense to hold Wayne Ellington in New York

Wayne Ellington was signed up for the Knicks to provide filming to a crowded list of non-shooters. However, under David Fizdale, Ellington quickly fell out of the rotation and accumulated more DNPs.

It wasn’t until Fizdale’s shot – interim head coach Mike Miller instead – that Ellington started getting minutes and opportunities to show off his footage.

Wayne Ellington approached to ask the Knicks for a ransom given the excess of shooting guard squads. Eventually he resisted making it, and Miller started using Ellington as a key rotational element.

However, his shot was disappointing considering his success with Heat and Pistons a few seasons before his tenure with the Knicks. Ellington is starting to get up there at 32, and outside of her three shooting points, she offers little to the team compared to their other guards. Ellington’s 35.1% three-point average this season is the worst since her third season in the league.

With $ 8 million unsecured next season, the Knicks are likely to conclude that the price to keep Ellington usurps the production they can get from him. With RJ Barrett in tow and potentially Damyean Dotson and Reggie Bullock, Ellington makes little sense to the Knicks.