Reggie Bullock will be the key player in the rotation of next season

When Reggie Bullock made his debut for the Knicks, he was impressed with his ability to shoot the three and space on the floor, something the team struggled with at the time. Bullock was obviously rusty, coming out of the injury, but he fired over 111 attempts from three with a 33.3% clip.

Although his shooting percentages are not ideal, with a full offseason to recover from injury and get back in shape, Bullock can certainly become a consistent collaborator for the team.

The Knicks are desperate for turning around RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson and, given Reggie Bullock’s $ 4.2 million dollar option, is an inexpensive and inexpensive shooting option.

Bullock was a fixture in the rotation on his debut and coach Mike Miller often chose to play him with Damyean Dotson and Wayne Ellington, convinced that Bullock was more productive for the team.

With his ability to spread the floor and shoot the ball, Bullock is sure to be a key rotational piece next season, especially considering his affordable option.