Knicks, Immanuel Quickley returns to talk about Julius Randle

The New York Knicks have quickly turned things around, appearing as one of the best teams in the NBA since their trade with the Toronto Raptors. While there are some roster flaws that still need to be fixed, the team has three weeks until the deadline to fix them.

One of the holes in the roster was created by the trade. To acquire a player of OG Anunoby’s caliber, the Knicks also had to give up some value. As a result, Immanuel Quickley and RJ Barrett were traded to Toronto.

While Anunoby has proven to be a better fit for what the Knicks are looking for at small forward over Barrett, replacing Quickley has proven difficult. The lack of shot creators on this roster has become painfully evident with Jalen Brunson missing the last two games due to a calf injury.

In recent seasons, this is a spot that Quickely would fill. The Knicks now have to find a replacement for him, which is easier said than done. A first-round pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, Quickley was considered by many to be a bad pick at the time, but he has blossomed into an excellent two-way player.

In a farewell letter to the Knicks and their fans, Quickley thanked many people for helping him get to where he is today. Coach Tom Thibodeau received a thank you, as did assistant coach Johnnie Bryant.

Quickley’s shout that might surprise some people was for power forward Julius Randle. Randle has been painted by some in the media as a difficult teammate to work with, but he is one that Quickley has certainly gravitated towards and admired during their time together.

“I also started looking around to see how other guys, who had been in this league longer than me, were moving, just having a mindset that I could always add to my game. Julius was great for me.

I remember getting a text from him the night I got traded. He said, “It doesn’t matter where you are.” I got you, man. Everything you need. “With all the craziness of the night, it was really reassuring, but more than anything it meant that something was coming from him.”