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Knicks, Austin Rivers: “Our defense is awful, we need to improve”

Austin Rivers remains positive despite the Knicks’ three straight losses. He pointed out Monday night that New York is 5-6 after opening the season with one of the NBA’s toughest schedules.

According to ESPN, the Knicks entered Monday’s game with the NBA’s fifth toughest schedule.

“We played most of the best teams in the NBA,” Rivers said. “Everyone just has to take a deep breath, look at what we’re doing right and wrong and then let’s get back out there. We just have to move on. We have half of our team out injured. So the guys have to step forward.

“We have to be better, though. Our defense was horrendous, which led to a bad attack. We need to do a better half-court job with the zone. By the way, it’s not about the coaches. It’s not about them at all. They put the game plan out there. We need to do a better job. … We are young and we are improving. We will find out. I just have to move on. Everyone stay with us and be patient. “