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Knicks, Taj Gibson is available for action

The newly signed Taj Gibson is available for action. If last season’s starting center sees minutes, that will reduce the chances of Toppin playing, even if the Knicks are skinny in the front position.

Gibson gave no indication of whether he would play Wednesday or what his playing time would be in the future.

After missing the preseason and the first 11 games, he sees himself more in a mentoring role along the way. “I’ll do what the team needs me to do,” Gibson said. “Being alone with the young guys and trying to get reps to be ready for whatever I am offered. I’m just extremely happy to be back with the guys. When you’ve been away for so long, that long pause of not being in the bubble. (last season) and the long offseason and to be back here, I’m excited to be around the guys”.

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