Julius Randle talks about the future of the New York Knicks

There has been a lot of focus on the New York Knicks on what they might do this summer. There are some big decisions to make, one involving their All-Star forward, Julius Randle.

Julius Randle, who was named to his third All-Star game this season, is eligible for a contract extension. There have been many rumors that the New York Knicks would offer him such a deal.

Unlike Jalen Brunson, who is also eligible for an extension, Julius Randle has limited leverage. Brunson made the NBA Second Team and delivered incredible performances throughout the postseason, despite being hampered by injury himself.

If he wants, he can hold out for a supermax contract in the 2025 NBA offseason. Randle doesn’t have that luxury. If New York actually offered him an extension, he might jump at the chance to take it.

“I always said from the beginning that I would love to be here in New York and I would like to continue to add to what the guys did in the playoffs,” Randle said, per New York Post on May 31. “ I feel like that was my biggest personal goal, or I would say the team goal in a way, when I got here was to be able to build and compete and be at the point where we are now, where it is a real chance [to win a championship].

So, really, that’s my goal: to do everything I can to make sure I get healthy and come back and make sure I’m ready whenever we start playing again and help win. That’s really all I focus on and these things in my career have always taken care of themselves”.

When contract negotiations aren’t happening, Julius Randle is included in trade rumors. If the team wants to upgrade their roster with a big impact, he is one of the players who could be involved in a trade package.

Unless the New York Knicks can acquire an MVP caliber player, there is no real incentive to trade Julius Randle. It may not be the perfect fit, but what the team accomplished in January with him and OG Anunoby healthy shouldn’t be discredited.

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