Josh Hart explains his breast milk tasting tweet

Knicks guard Josh Hart recently rocked Twitter sphere with the tweet in which he asked his followers if they have ever tasted their significant other’s breast milk. It prompted hilarious reactions from fellow NBA players and fans alike.

Recently Hart was asked by Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report about how the idea to make the tweet came about.

“85% of new dads at least wonder what breast milk tastes like,” said Hart who recently became a father to twins. “We had family over that day and they asked me ‘Have you tried…?’ I was, like ‘No, I haven’t tried it.’ But if I ever do, I want the whole charade. I wanna be burped, I want to be cradled.

“Somehow I got finessed into like a blind tasting. So we had like almond milk, a creamer and breast milk. Tried it obviously and it was vanilla-flavored almond milk .That’s how it tasted. I literally took the blindfold off after I tasted. I was like ‘Damn, this is actually, like, not bad. It doesn’t taste bad.’ I was like ‘This got to be the breast milk.’ I just knew because it tasted the best out of all of them.

“So then, I was just like ‘F*ck, I’mma just tweet and just see what people think.”