Jared Dudley throws an arrow at the Knicks

Jared Dudley, a former Brooklyn Nets, returned to speak pulling a heavy taunt the Knicks. During this offseason, the Knicks failed to sign Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving‘s duo. The two All-Stars headed to Brooklyn instead of Manhattan.

“If the Knicks are run right, the Knicks get them easily. It’s not even close,” told The Athletic’s Michael Lee. “If the Knicks are run halfway decent, they get KD and Kyrie.”

Jared Dudley, now at the Lakers, has dealt a serious blow to Dolan. When Durant and Irving both decided to go to Brooklyn, many pointed to Dolan‘s ownership as a reason why they wanted to go to the Knicks’ rival.

Will things change at the Knicks? With the new president Leon Rose in charge of going together with the brand consultant Steve Stoute, he has the opportunity to do so. But there is still Dolan’s property that many believe he won’t.