Jalen Brunson: “My parents raised me to be a leader”

New York Knicks star Jalen Brunson revealed an interesting life lesson that can go a long way for basketball players on and off the court.

(via Spallone Sports):

Derek Spallone: “What would you say is the biggest life lesson you’ve learned through the game of basketball?”

Brunson: “I think the biggest life lesson for me is that basketball translates to everyday life. The type of person you are to your teammates is the type of person you are to your family and your friends. If you work hard on the court, you have to work off the court, and everything is kinda parallel. So that’s how my parents raised me, it was always compared to everyday life. And so knowing how hard I worked on the court, I just knew I had to model my everyday life around that, too.”

Derek Spallone: “And you’ve kept that mentality all the way through, right? Because that’s how you were able to do your thing both on and off the court.”

Brunson: “100 percent. Just keep the same mentality. My parents raised me to be a leader, and I think that’s the best quality that they gave me.”