Iman Shumpert says sorry to Knicks fans for letting Raymond Felton ‘birth an animal’ in Steph Curry

Former New York Knick Iman Shumpert says he wanted to throw his team’s minute restriction plans for him out the window during Steph Curry’s 2013 Broadway Show at Madison Square Garden (54 points).

(via All The Smoke):

Shumpert: “Hey New York, my bad if I was a part of that. I could have ran up to Raymond [Felton] like, ‘Hey, G! You’re guarding whoever the f*** else! I’m now guarding Steph 94 feet.’ But I had just got back from injury, so they was like, ‘Shump, you over-gassing yourself. He gonna do you.’ That’s how they was saying it, ‘You on a minute restriction, he’s gonna do you. Let Raymond handle this.’”

Matt Barnes: “I’m willing to re-blow this wheel to shut this MFer up!”

Shumpert: “Yeah! I really felt like in my heart like, ‘We are birthing an animal, bro!’ I really think of that moment like, ‘Bro, I think we ignited that confidence that came.’ Because after that game, bro, he got very disrespectful. He got disrespectful. He started trying s***.”

Matt Barnes: “What year was that?”

Shumpert: “2012-13.”