Jalen Brunson is ready for the playoffs

The New York Knicks, behind Jalen Brunson, will have a chance to do something special during the playoffs.

Brunson, who had a career year averaging 28.7 points per game, released a message in the Players Tribune on April 18, writing how special Madison Square Garden, where the Knicks play, will be.

“Look man, playoffs at the Garden? It will be surreal. We know you guys are going to rock on another level. But the most important thing we need to do is literally focus on taking things one day at a time. And this is a message that we all try to convey to each other, from top to bottom: from coaches to players, to everyone. We want to make sure that this is the mindset of our entire team. We cannot deviate from the path. We must all be on the same team, we must all have the same mentality to continue moving forward together.

“To the fans: you make a difference for us. I just want to make this abundantly clear. Without you, the Knicks aren’t the Knicks. The unconditional love and support has been phenomenal. It’s an honor to play for New York and play in front of this organization, the city and the fans. I don’t take it for granted at all.”

Brunson added that the Knicks don’t give up and carry that culture into the playoffs.

“And we don’t give up. We will bring that culture, the determination we know we have, that hunger and desire to win, to the playoffs. We’re doing it our way.”