Gallinari keeps the option to return to the Knicks open

Former New York Knicks lottery selection Danilo Gallinari is set to become a free agent this low season, and the striker is keeping his options open as to where he could play.

Appearing as a guest on NBA TV on Wednesday, another former Knick, Greg Anthony, asked Gallinari if he would ever consider wearing a uniform he had previously worn in his career, alluding strongly to the Knicks.

“As a free agent, you want to see all the options you have on the table,” said Gallinari. “It’s also the fun part of the free agency. So I’ll watch it all. And then I’ll make a decision. “

Anthony, whose son Cole Anthony is a potential prospect for the Knicks, is still looking for his former team. His NBA TV host, Jared Greenberg, called him for a tip on the Knicks, and Gallo laughed in response.

“I knew he would go there,” said Gallinari. “Hey, you never know, friend. You never know. We also keep this option open. “

Gallinari was the sixth absolute choice of New York in 2008, an Italian rookie from Italy with a contagious surname that the AP announcer at the Garden would have exaggerated after each bucket. In over two seasons with the Knicks, he averaged 13.7 points, 4.3 rebounds and 1.5 assists.