Knicks top on Tom Thibodeau’s list

Knicks candidate Tom Thibodeau joined ESPN’s The Woj Pod with Adrian Wojnarowski and talked about what he learned by traveling and observing several teams during the past NBA season.

An aspect that appeared to him? How teams manage practices in the age of load management.

“It’s interesting because the way everyone handles load management and where your team is, sports scientists, is different,” Thibodeau said on the podcast. “If your team is young and you are in the process of being rebuilt, you are probably practicing more than one team of older veterans. In some cases where the team is mixed, there are almost two practices going on in one, where your young people guys are getting the job they need, and the older vets may be in the weight room to get strength and conditioning and then they turn it upside down and then the vets will get their job … and then they’ll meet for a short time to do something together at the end and maybe they will watch the movie together at the end. “

From a Knicks point of view, if new team president Leon Rose does not return interim head coach Mike Miller as head coach next month, Thibodeau will be among the candidates who will receive consideration.

Last month, agents and other coaches with a vested interest in the Knicks’ coaching search said they believed Thibodeau would be the most likely hire if Rose decides not to keep Miller. Rose and Thibodeau have a close relationship.

Rose obviously developed relationships with many coaches during his time as a top AAC agent. To name a few: Jeff Van Gundy, John Calipari and Mike Woodson.

So Thibodeau probably won’t be the only interview with coach Rose & Co ..

Rose and the Knicks have not yet started the interview process. This will likely be suspended until the NBA regular season ends or is canceled.

The Knicks are reportedly likely to have competition for Thibodeau. The New York Post reported that Houston and Brooklyn also have an interest in him.

People with knowledge of Thibodeau’s past believe he would put the Knicks at the top of his list if more teams chased him.