Enes Kanter Freedom swats Natasha Cloud’s ‘trash’ US take

Prominent China’s slave labor critic Enes Kanter Freedom, who was effectively kicked out of the NBA in February of 2022, called out WNBA player Natasha Cloud over her recent criticisms of the United States in the wake of key Supreme Court rulings last week.

“Just ask your colleague Brittney Griner how ‘trash’ America is,” Kanter Freedom tweeted. “Calling America trash huh? Let me know when your season is over, I’ll buy your ticket and we can go together to counties like China, Russia, IRAN, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, & Turkey.

“Forget about calling them trash, I would like to see if you can even criticize those regimes!! You and your family members would be thrown in jail, tortured to death, and raped.

“People have NO idea how lucky and blessed they are to be in a country like America. I’m not saying America is perfect, but trust me, you don’t wanna see the other side.”