Draymond Green roasted for Knicks playoff run

Draymond Green’s take on the Knicks’ playoff run being a “fluke” has been criticized by a famous Knicks fan and a former NBA player.

Recently, Green said that Knicks fans were disappointed because they thought their team was a legitimate championship contender.

NY had a blowout 121-91 Game 5 win over the Pacers on Tuesday, and Knicks superfan and comedian Tracy Morgan had some words for Draymond while appearing on Inside the NBA.

“Let me tell you something, Draymond,” Morgan told Green. “I love you like cooked food, I love you like the fat kid loves cake. Don’t talk bad about my team. This is New York City, this is the home of King Kong. This is where he died. The Warriors are from there, okay? This is how we go down. This is New York. Period. Don’t talk shit about my team Draymond. I love you. Peace.”

Green explained his opinion on the Knicks and why he thinks they still make sense.

“But why do Knicks fans think I had the Knicks? I told the truth about the team,” Green said. “And the truth about the team is it’s a fluke… I said this team is winning right now and I think it’s a situation like the Atlanta Hawks in 2021.

“And if you remember maybe in 2016-2017, the Portland Trail Blazers paid all those guys because they had a good year and then they stalled. And I think this New York Knicks team could be a fit to fit into. And now everyone’s mad at me like I hate the Knicks.”

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