Barrett’s big heart for New York and Canada

Despite the distance from New York, RJ Barret‘s thought is always for the city that adopted it. Barrett is located in Florida, but he has taken action to help New York.

Barrett donated $ 25,000 to MSG’s relief fund, which provides employees with financial assistance for a variety of industries, including unexpected health costs, rent, food, medicine and other expenses.

Barrett’s staff contacted Governor Andrew Cuomo to understand how he could help the city. The answer was this: there is a need for PPE. So his team took action to find masks, gowns and microporous disposable coveralls to give to the city. Not only that, Barrett with Puma also donated 1000 pairs of sneakers and slippers to Brookdale, Maimonides Hospital and Credit Valley Hospital in Canada

After all checks were cashed and equipment shipped, Barrett’s assistance was worth $ 250,000. “If we can make their lives a little easier and help people survive, that’s all,” he said