Paul Rich: The Knicks in the future of Mitchell Robinson

Rich Paul is the fifth agent in Mitchell Robinson‘s career. The superagent of LeBron James and Anthony Davis, wants to help Robinson especially mentally.

“His growth comes with an understanding of how to play at this level,” said Paul to the Post. “This is what has been misunderstood with young players. At this level, talent will only take you so far. You have to understand defensive patterns, very detailed things like the art of setting up screens, art in decision making like a great man in the way you roll. What are you looking for, adequate defensive adjustments”.

“There are many things to learn. Once he is able to learn those things, he will then be able to show other talents he has. He can take the outside shot, put the ball on the floor, post. You don’t want to rush. You must first understand the details of the game”.

“I can be an extraordinary resource for Mitchell, not only for his career but for life. I understand the trials and tribulations he has gone through. He’s in a high profile situation being on the Knicks. It’s a lot. I talked to him a lot about being a true professional”.

Paul and Knicks president Leon Rose, have known each other since Rose was James’ agent. Paul, a Cleveland native, was therefore part of James’ inner circle.

“He’ll shoot me straight when it comes to Mitchell and I’ll shoot him straight,” said Paul. “The Knicks know what’s best for him. They see him as a future boy. Leon knows the game. He will handle it properly. ”