After losing Beal the Knicks are hoping to get a superstar

The New York Knicks face a busy offseason, with their main focus on securing a superstar to complement the talents of Jalen Brunson.

After losing Bradley Beal to the Phoenix Suns recently, the Knicks’ strategy is focused on attracting select players to seek trades away from their current teams.

One superstar catching significant attention is Philadelphia’s Joel Embiid, who could force an exit from the city of brotherly love and join a team like the Knicks, known for its early talent and depth of it.

Pairing Embiid with Brunson could prove formidable for the Knicks, taking the pressure off their star point guard. However, this is conditional on Embiid’s desire to leave the Philadelphia 76ers.

“They don’t hope for patients, they hope for the Process. I don’t know if it’s coming, but they’ve looked into that situation in Philly and there’s been hope in New York that things in Philly go haywire to the point where Embiid will ask out”, ESPN’s Tim MacMahon said.