Thibodeau’s players have competed all season

Playing for the New York Knicks under Thibodeau often requires players to play heavy minutes. This was on display during the April 14 win against the Chicago Bulls when Donte DiVincenzo played 53 minutes.

After the win, Thibodeau praised his team for competing.

“Well, I think when there are competitors, it doesn’t matter, the competitors compete. It doesn’t matter if it’s a game, if it’s one-on-one, if it’s a shooter, if it’s dominoes, if it’s a crazy podcast, whatever, they compete.

“You don’t have to like these guys and that’s what I love about them. You know, sometimes we won’t be perfect, we will make some mistakes, but they will compete and I think that’s important.”

The Knicks have had to compete all season due to the injuries they have faced and that won’t change in the postseason as Julius Randle is out with a shoulder injury.