The resources the Knicks could use may not be enough for Devin Booker

Over the past few weeks, the Devin Booker name has become a target due to its affiliation with CAA. Booker has earned his first All Star appearance this season. He continued to be a very explosive scorer as he became a triple threat director. Booker is the franchise player of the Phoenix Suns. The Suns are 26-39 when they entered the bubble. The 26 wins represent the highest total in Booker’s career.

Just like the Knicks, Booker has not been able to achieve any semblance of stability or success with the suns. In his five seasons in Phoenix, Booker has lost the playoffs every year and has suffered 5 coaches and over 60 new players. Sure, Booker signed a maximum extension for beginners last year, but there comes a point where he would like to make it to the playoffs.

The Suns, to their credit, have gathered a solid core around Booker made up of Ricky Rubio, Mikal Bridges, Kelly Oubre and DeAndre Ayton. The mix of veterans and young players has helped provide support for their star guard. However, none of the successes in Phoenix can eclipse the bright lights of New York.

To be clear, any exchange with Booker will require a massive exchange of players and resources. RJ Barrett would probably be the heart of any Devin Booker business. The Suns would likely ask for Frank Ntilikina, Kevin Knox, 1st round choices and even Mitchell Robinson if they would like to be greedy. The Knicks would have no choice but to get away with acquiring it. However, even the range of resources that the Knicks can provide may not be enough to entice the Suns to exchange him.