The reasons why Tom Thibodeau deserves a contract extension with the Knicks

Tom Thibodeau will discuss extending his contract with the New York Knicks. Several NBA insiders confirm that the Knicks head coach is willing to stay in New York. Thibodeau certainly deserves to be confirmed by the Knicks.

With a score of 42-28, the Knicks are fourth in the Eastern Conference standings. An excellent result considering that the Knicks have had to deal with many injuries this season. The trades helped the Knicks make up for the many injuries but the main credit goes to Thibodeau who managed to keep his team always competitive.

We will probably never see the Knicks shine, we will never see a sparkling game but the Knicks, led by Thibodeau, are a solid and concrete team and demonstrate that they want to win in all possible ways.

The Knicks can tie or even surpass last season’s record when New York closed the regular season with a score of 47-35. This would be an excellent result after the Knicks have always missed the playoffs for decades.

This time New York could instead play the playoffs as the absolute protagonist, led by Thibodeau who, after four years with the Knicks, does not want to put an end to his adventure in New York.