The New York Knicks must be optimistic about Kenny Wooten

The New York Knicks have quietly emerged as one of the most promising teams in the NBA. The front office may or may not commit to seeing youth movement through, but the positive side of the roster is that of a post-season caliber team.

One of the players who best represents New York’s untapped potential is G League Kenny Wooten.

Wooten became a fan favorite during his first season with the Westchester Knicks. Wooten is currently playing a two-way contract and could therefore be overlooked when discussing long-term plans and intentions.

Wooten’s commitment to defense would be a breath of fresh air for a Knicks team that continues to struggle on that end of the floor. He plays with energy and intensity and is not afraid to get up to contest the shots of the players in any position.

Wooten is a gripping pick and roll target that moves well during diving and plays easily over the edge. One of the most underrated skills in his arsenal, however, is how well he manages to control his body around the edge.

Kenny Wooten may or may not be a long-term resource for the New York Knicks, but giving up before the answer is found would be a mistake.